Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering      
>Environmental Chemistry and Biology                    
>Environmental Materials                                
>Environmental Safety and Health                       
>Environmental Planning and Assessment                
>Environmental Analysis and Monitoring                  
>Environmental Engineering                              
>Pollution Control Project (Air, Water, Solid)          
>Waste Disposal and Recycling                          
>Water Supply and Drainage Engineering                 
>Noise and Vibration Control                             
>Clean Production Process                               
>Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering              
>Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering       
>Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control    
>Cultivation and Conservation of Forest                   
>Plant Protection                                       
>Geographic Information and Remote Sensing Science
>Land Resources Environment and Urban Planning
>Environmental Protection
>Environmental Pollution & Management
>Climate Change and Global Warming
>Environmental Hydraulics
>Remote Sensing and Environment
>Environmental Ergonomics
Computer Engineering
 >Communication networks
 >Internet of things (IoT)
 >High performance integrated circuits
 >Cloud computing
Computer software
 >Algorithm language
 >Operating systems
 >Application software
 >Management procedures
Computer network
>Basic network technology
>Network security and management
>Network operations
>Computer network applications
>Network equipment

Important Dates

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September 22,2021


Notification Acceptance:
September 23,2021


Registration Deadline:
September 22,2021


Conference Date:
September 28-29, 2021